Performing/Recording artist, “Stakes”, is a native of Chicago’s south side village Robbins, IL also known as “Mudville” and is a true advocate for change in hip-hop. This Midwesterner’s five year plan includes pulling comrades to the top along with him as he plays his part in converting the politically driven transformation of the hip-hop/rap game back to its sturdy roots.

Stakes has performed at many venues throughout the country building upon a growing fan base which has given him the opportunities to travel and showcase his talents for the world. When expressing himself though his music, even though he is still up and coming, Stakes has proven that he can run with the best in the business. His versatility and determination has definitely put him in a small but prominent spot in his life as he continues to shoot for his dream.

Stakes has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years and within that time he has released 7 projects which includes 2 independent albums under independent label “Kamorra Entertainment” which are titled “Closing In” & “Give Em’ More” as well as 5 independent/collaboration projects under the same label. After the release of his must recent project “American Hustle” he had taken some time away from his music due to the everyday complications of life.

Now that he has decided to get back in the mix. He is fully charged and working hard, creating the best music possible while marching on the road to success. Stakes recently started his own independent label called “ShadyRest Entertainment” as he continues to work on his own upcoming projects along with other artist/producers he continues to grow as a well-seasoned artist. But his talents don’t stop at music. He actually creates every bit of his work from the very bottom. Not only does he record & mix his own music he has talent in designing his own artwork & filming his own video’s aside from promoting and managing his own career.

Stakes has proven to be the example of a real one man army and even though he knows that he cannot do it all alone, it is interesting to see how far and how interesting the future of his career will be as he continues to build.